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Pat Riley Was Ready To Square Up Right After Meeting Jake Paul

Pat Riley Was Ready To Square Up Right After Meeting Jake Paul

Jake Paul recently fought and beat former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, defeating the 39-year-old for the second consecutive fight. After starting his boxing career surrounded by doubts, Paul has earned the respect of more people in every fight. 

Some even think he's scary, but not Miami Heat president Pat Riley. The 76-year-old recently met the fighter and showed he wasn't afraid of the boxer. A video recently surfaced showing the moment Riley met Paul. The multiple NBA champion had a funny reaction after meeting Jake, attempting to square up, scaring the young man with his actions. 

Riley separated himself from Paul and squared up, shocking the fighter. The NBA executive kept the position for a couple of seconds before laughing and hugging Jake. 

It was an intense moment for a brief moment, and Riley sold it. It ended with the two embracing each other and laughing about the incident. 

Paul keeps proving doubters wrong, beating rivals and demonstrating he's for real. Meanwhile, Riley is trying to take the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals for the second time in three seasons, and the first championship since 2013. 

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has affected the team, too, so the situation isn't favorable for the Heat. Still, they have big expectations for this season. Right now, they rank 4th in the Eastern Conference standings, only trailing the Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks. 

Miami has a good team to compete in the East this season, so once they recover their players, this squad will be ready to climb positions and finish the regular season with a better record. If not, the players will have to deal with Riley, who isn't afraid of squaring up with anybody.