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Patrick Beverley Claims He Destroyed Chris Paul At The LeBron James Camp: "I Got A Taste Of Chris Paul At The LeBron James Camp, I Destroyed Him. Ask LeBron, Ask Chris"

Patrick Beverley Claims He Destroyed Chris Paul At The LeBron James Camp: "I Got A Taste Of Chris Paul At The Lebron James Camp, I Destroyed Him. Ask Lebron, Ask Chris"

It is safe to say that Patrick Beverley had a lot to get out of his chest regarding Chris Paul, after Paul and his Phoenix Suns crashed out of the NBA playoffs after losing to the Dallas Mavericks in 7 games in the Conference Semifinals. Beverley claimed that everyone knows that attacking Chris Paul is the way to beat the Suns and that they won't go to the NBA Finals next season either.

Beverley also delved into his history with Paul when he was on Stephen A's World on ESPN. When Smith asked him what he'd want everyone to know about his history with Paul, Beverley had quite the bold claim to make about what happened between the two over a decade back:

"Me and CP this started when I was in college. I went to LeBron James camp.… and I got a taste of little CP there. Destroyed him. Ask LeBron, I don’t have to lie, ask Chris that's your good friend. You know, so there's always been something there."

"The praise that he gets and the slander that he doesn't get when he doesn't perform is not the same as it is with every other superstar."

That is quite a claim to make on national television, that Beverley destroyed Paul on the court when they faced off with LeBron in attendance during their college days. There is no way for us to verify this apart from LeBron or Paul speaking on this, but we highly doubt either of the two would have any interest in engaging with Beverley on this topic.

Beverley also mentioned that he respected Paul, but his main issue here seems to be that Paul isn't held to the same standards as some of the other top players in the league. He thinks that Paul gets off easy due to factors like being the President of the Players Association and managed to get in one last shot at the end. He added that players are licking their chops when they get to face CP3 and we can add that to the long list of outrageous Patrick Beverley takes over the last couple of days. The way this is going, we won't be surprised if there's more on the way in the coming days.