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Patrick Beverley Plugs His Nose, Calls Lakers Trash Amid Major Blowout

Patrick Beverley Plugs His Nose, Calls Lakers Trash Amid Major Blowout

With the first half just seconds away from concluding, Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley made sure to let the world know what he was thinking.

As he made his way down the court, he called his opponent (the Los Angeles Lakers) trash while holding his nose with disgust.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in pretty rough shape all season long.

Since the All-Star break, things have only gotten worse. With Anthony Davis out and Russell Westbrook setting new lows, LeBron James has been burdened with an enormous load.

This time, it is proving too much to bear.

Over the past few weeks, the Purple and Gold have been on the wrong end of multiple blowouts, and the team's body language gives off the impression they have given up on trying to make something of the season.

"The vibes in and around the team, as you’d expect, aren’t great," said one report published earlier this month. "Multiple conversations with staff members and players have included the some version of the phrase, “at least there’s only a month left” — not exactly the kind of message you hear from a group with realistic visions of playing until early summer. No, the Lakers at their core have to know that they’re not good enough. LeBron James, as important of a barometer as any, has said so. After losing to Milwaukee earlier this season, he was clear about the team not being on the Bucks’ level."

At 9th in the West, L.A. is still in a position to make the playoffs, and anything can happen once they get there. But if they stumble into the Western bracket like they are now, the chances do not look good.

Over these last few weeks, it will be up to LeBron James and Russell Westbrook to find some kind of solution and save what's left of their season.