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Patrick Beverley Says He 'Wouldn't Hesitate' To Join LeBron James And The Lakers: "Couldn't Ask For A Better Job."

Patrick Beverley Says He 'Wouldn't Hesitate' To Join LeBron James And The Lakers- "Couldn't Ask For A Better Job."

If things don't work out in Minnesota, Patrick Beverley already has his next destination in mind.

According to the veteran guard himself, he would join LeBron's current Lakers crew "without" question if he was a free agent (and couldn't re-sign with the Timberwolves).

Here's the full quote on ESPN's 'This Just In.':

"Yes, I wouldn't even hesitate. Just to be able to play with a great like that, be able to pick his brain, be able to be a star in whatever role that I have. Playing beside Russell Westbrook, playing for the Lakers. Fantastic, couldn't ask for a better job."

Pat is apparently a pretty big fan of LeBron James. Besides admitting he would like to join the Lakers, he also named James as the player he wants to team up with the most.

Patrick Beverley and LeBron James have had countless battles over the years. By all accounts, they are enemies on the basketball court. But when asked to name the player he'd like to partner with the most, Beverley was quick to name James.

Funnily enough, Beverley almost did play with LeBron early in his career. While James was in Miami, the Heat released Pat before they were able to play a single game together:

According to the L.A. Clippers guard, he was cut by Miami shortly after James' arrival, and will never forget it.

“I played with Miami, with LeBron and they cut me. I got drafted by the #Lakers, they traded me to Miami. Bron got there, they cut me. I remember it like it was yesterday, so yeah, it’s a chip on my shoulder.”

Whatever plans the Lakers have this summer, they are unlikely to involve Patrick Beverley. Their plans are more ambitious and they have needs in other areas.

Still, it's fun to dream about what such a partnership would look like. Maybe, sometime down the road, Beverley will finally get to play with James. Until then, he'll have to keep trying to come up with ways to slow him down.