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Patrick Beverley Says Paul George No Longer Invites Him To Summer Runs: "You Chose The Other Side But It’s Never Too Late..."

Paul George and Patrick Beverley

The Los Angeles Clippers have formed a pretty tight circle in Southern California. After decades of dysfunction and mismanagement, the players transformed the culture of the entire organization.

As a former member of the club and one of the initial players who helped turned the situation around, Patrick Beverley was part of that inner circle for a while... until he wasn't.

According to Beverley, Paul George stopped reaching out for summer workouts and Bev has not forgotten.

Beverley is a ride-or-die type of player. He doesn't turn his back on his team and talked very highly about the Clips until recently when he had to face them as a member of the Timberwolves.

Despite the resistance and angst between the two sides now, what Bev did for the city and franchise will never be erased.

Beverley was recently asked about his favorite moment with the Los Angeles Clippers. Beverley took a sly shot at the Lakers in his response, claiming that the Clippers "turned this Laker city into a Clipper city" while he was there, and "gave the fans something to be excited about."

"Lots of smiles man, lots of smiles... I got no regrets," said Beverley. "Wouldn’t change anything. We put on for the city. We turned this Laker city into a Clipper city and that’s all you can ask for. We gave the fans something to be excited about. We gave the city something to be excited about. People wanted to see the Clippers play for whatever reason.. we appreciate that."

Now, it seems like Patrick's relationship with the Clippers has fallen apart completely. He's no longer in the loop, and no longer getting invitations to summer workouts.

But it's all the same for him. At this point, Beverley is committed to his new team and is doing his thing to change the Timberwolves just like he helped change the Clippers.