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Peyton Manning Says He’s “Throwing 75 Touchdowns” To LeBron James If He Had Played Football With Him

Peyton Manning Says He’s “Throwing 75 Touchdowns” To LeBron James If He Had Played Football With Him

LeBron James is one of the greatest athletes across any sport in history. At 6’8, James moves with incredible speed on the court, and his athleticism, even at age 36, ranks up with some of the best athletes in the world today.

James has become one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game, rivaling Michael Jordan for the title of ‘greatest of all time’. But it’s hard to imagine LeBron playing any sport other than basketball, because of how incredible he has been during his career in the sport.

But what if James had gone down the route of football? LeBron recently revealed that he had a contract offer the Cowboys and the Seahawks during the NBA’s lockout in 2011. But what if he had played in the NFL, particularly with the Denver Broncos?

Broncos legend Peyton Manning believes he and LeBron James would’ve formed a dominant duo, and he would’ve thrown several touchdowns for LeBron to catch. During the Monday Night Football Watch Along, he showered James with praise and noted how successful the two would have been playing football together.

Peyton Manning: “I would’ve thrown so many touchdowns with LeBron. Down there in the end zone. Put him out wide. Throw the fade. Jump ball. I’m throwing 75 touchdowns”

LeBron James: “Absolutely”

James has noted in the past that he played a lot of sports when he was a kid, but chose basketball in the end because that was what he felt he was best at. But he also played football as a kid and found success as a high school player during his time playing with the team.

James could have been an absolute beast if he had chosen to play football. His scary combination of size, speed, and strength would have been absolutely perfect for the NFL, and he could very possibly have been one of the most successful stars in the league if he had chosen to pursue football.