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Ray Allen Posts A Hilarious Joke On Instagram About A Monkey And A Man: "It's All Fun And Games, Until You Realize It's Not His Finger On Your Lip"

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Ray Allen's presence on social media has given fans the chance to know a funnier part of him. Despite his competitiveness and desire to win, most of the time he was always somebody cool on the court. After his career was over, Allen started having more presence on social media, playing with fans, giving his opinion on certain matters and more. 

Two years ago, he posted a hilarious Instagram post showing his real hairline, while challenging other NBA stars to do the same. Even LeBron James was challenged by the legendary sharpshooter, but that never happened. Still, that hasn't stopped the player from messing around on Instagram and recently he shared a big meme that surprised a lot of people. 

It seems like Allen is already sharing 'boomer' memes, as he went with a funny one, showing a man with a monkey on his right shoulder. The caption, however, it's what gets a lot of people. 

"It's all fun and games until you realize it's not his fingers on your lips!!" the picture reads, while showing the monkey's penis in the face of the smiling man. 

Allen added a series of hashtags to explain he just wanted people to laugh and smile, and many fans commented to it, laughing or showing their surprise to see Ray posting that type of stuff. 



I’ll take things I never thought I’d see Ray Allen post for $1000 💀

bro forgot he is a former NBA player💀

Nahhh ray wtf is this

took 3 double takes to realize this was ray allen's actual page💀

Ray, what's gotten into you💀

Wtf yo

Account hacked Ray? 😂😂😂

U good Ray?

Someone hacked unk 😂😂😂😂 no way he posted this

#monkeypox 😂😂 how it started...all fun and games until the bumbump 😂😂😂

That is not a fun pic to look back on for him lol

Ray you got hacked? This different lmao

I can't believe you just posted this.

So that’s how the pox is transmitted! 🍆 🙈 👄



Bro ur not a meme page lmfao 💀

As you can see, this was a shocking one, but it's been five days and it's still up. The former shooting guard seems to be fine with his decision, and perhaps this will be the start of Allen becoming some sort of a meme page. Shitposting has become a pretty big thing around the internet, and the 2x NBA champion could be joining this world soon.