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Reggie Miller Credits Stephen Curry For Breaking 3PT Milestone, But Says There's More Work To Do

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Stephen Curry is widely known to be the best shooter of all-time. He tortures defenses with his ability to score on and off the ball. Stephen Curry revolutionized the game of basketball, and the result was three championships. We don't have to doubt Stephen Curry's greatness: he is truly the best point guard in the game currently. The records that he breaks will continue to build his legacy.

Recently, Reggie Miller congratulated Stephen Curry on passing a new milestone. Stephen Curry has recently passed Miller on the all-time 3PT field goals list, with Curry going up to 2562, as compared to Miller's 2560. Reggie Miller made sure to give a shoutout to Curry but said that Curry still has some work to do.

The job that Stephen Curry has to finish, is becoming the all-time leader in 3PTs made. The title is currently held by former NBA Champion and All-Star, Ray Allen, who famously played the character of Jesus Shuttlesworth in the movie He Got Game. Ray Allen has 2973 career made 3PT field goals, and Curry should comfortably catch Allen sooner rather than later.

At this point, it is good to see former legends encourage this generation of stars. Sometimes, the commentary can be excessively negative; but it's nice to see Miller praise and recognize Curry's abilities. Stephen Curry is the definition of greatness, and we will all be waiting for the day he breaks Ray Allen's record.