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Russell Westbrook Doesn't Care About Lakers Fans Booing Him At The Home Court: "I Got Three Beautiful Kids At My House, My Wife. I Ain’t Taking That Home."

Russell Westbrook Admits His Family Doesn't Want To Come To Los Angeles Lakers Home Games: "I Don't Even Want To Bring My Kids To The Game Because I Don't Want Them Hear People Calling Their Dad Nicknames For No Reason..."

Russell Westbrook has been under massive scrutiny this season. The 2017 MVP has massively underperformed since joining the Lakers and has been a big problem for the squad in the way that he plays. His lack of chemistry with LeBron James and Anthony Davis has been one of the many problems his arrival has generated for the Lakers this season.

Westbrook had yet another poor showing last night, much like the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers, scoring just 16 points and putting up 7 turnovers. Westbrook was a massive problem for the Lakers last night, something we have seen many times this season. Fans have clearly grown frustrated with Westbrook, and they booed him last night.

But Russ doesn't seem to be too bothered by the fans booing him last night. In the post-game press conference, Russell Westbrook was asked about being booed and jeered by his hometown fans, and he responded by saying he has a beautiful family at home, and he doesn't take the reaction from fans back home with him (5:10 mark).

"I got three beautiful kids at my house, my wife, I ain't taking that home."

Russ also gave a poor explanation for the team and his own turnovers last night, just chalking it up to being 'one of those nights' for the Lakers.

Westbrook and the Lakers have been quite poor this season. And fans were clearly frustrated with their team. Westbrook was not the only one that was booed. And after the game, fans who weren't at the game took to social media to slam their team and the way they played against a mediocre New Orleans Pelicans team.

One fan, in particular, began to heckle LeBron James and other stars during the game. LeBron James seemed to shut it down almost immediately. Tensions are running high in LA, and things need to change quickly, or they will continue to get worse as the season goes on.