Savannah Beat LeBron James 3-0 In The New Dwyane Wade's Cube Game

lebron game

LeBron James can't catch a break in recent days. After being eliminated from playoffs contention by the Phoenix Suns last week, the King keeps taking L's at home. But, this time, he faced his wife Savannah, who absolutely dominated him in a new game. 

They gave it a try to Dwyane Wade's new "The Cube" game. Savannah was feeling herself, though, leaving no chance for Bron to win. She won the first duel with relative ease, and after finding her touch, there was no coming back for Mrs. James. 

In the end, she destroyed LeBron 3-0 (although he used questionable moves in the first match) to win this duel. The King shared each contest on his Instagram stories, even leaving a congratulations message to his opponent. 


"And the finale! I literally almost dropped the ball but I stayed calm and cool all the way til the final sec. Savannah is a beast, by the way! Hand speed up there with Sugar Ray Leonard," he wrote. 

NBA fans were quick to make jokes about LeBron losing to his wife while others called out the critics, and the rest focused on the player losing his touch with a ball in his hand. 

Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union also played the game, and just like at the James household, the wife won the match. This game seems fun, and more so when you play against your family. 

D-Wade is set to host a TBS game show called "The Cube" and his friends are already hyping it up playing this little game.