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Scottie Pippen Finally Talks About Larsa Pippen's Affairs

Scottie Pippen Finally Talks About Larsa Pippen's Affairs

Scottie Pippen is making headlines right now thanks to his constant criticism aimed at former teammate Michael Jordan, but many fans still want to know more about Pippen's personal life and his marriage with Larsa Pippen. 

In the past, the couple was involved in a series of controversies that featured Larsa's infidelities. She was linked with rapper Future in 2015 and two years later, the Atlanta-born and raised rapper seemed to hint that he stole Larsa from the 6x NBA champion. 

Last week, Scottie sat down to answer questions from fans. At one point, he was inquired about Larsa's affairs, with the Chicago Bulls legend revealing that their relationship was already over when she started dating other people. 

“I think the relationship was already over,” he told in an interview with GQ (via Game 7). “I think the press caught the end of it and was able to try and plug it together. The press bothers you a lot … but do it really bother me? No. That’s what they do. They create ‘press.’”

Scottie is saying that contrary to what Larsa revealed last year when she revealed she cheated on the Chicago Bulls legend with then Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson

Their relationship has been a rollercoaster in recent times. Larsa has taken shots at her ex-husband recently but has defended him from haters, stating he did fine after The Last Dance showed he was underpaid for most of his contract with the Chicago Bulls during the 90s. She also came to Pippen's defense when a model tried to expose the former small forward

The last we heard about Larsa was that she was dating Minnesota Timberwolves' Malik Beasley, bothering a lot of people with that relationship (including her son). But, that didn't last long.

It seems like Larsa was doing Pippen wrong even before things started falling apart between them. The legend has tried to clear the air on that matter, yet fans have to decide whether they believe that version or not. 

Meanwhile, Scottie keeps taking shots at Michael Jordan, and we keep learning about how he really felt while sharing touches with His Airness. There are plenty of details we don't know about Scottie and Larsa's marriage, but the former player stated they weren't together when she started dating other men.