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Scottie Pippen Posts A Photo Of Flu Game With Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen Posts A Photo Of Flu Game With Michael Jordan

Good news for Chicago Bulls fans since things seem pretty fine between their two biggest idols. Scottie Pippen was reportedly 'so angry' on how he was portrayed in the Bulls' 10-part docu-series 'The Last Dance'. We witnessed some controversial moments from Pippen during his career with the Bulls, something that didn't sit well with him.

After that, people started to think the relationship between Pippen and His Airness, Michael Jordan was broken, but Scottie himself made sure to play down those rumors. The former small forward took to Twitter where he posted a TBT picture of him holding up Michael Jordan after the Flu Game.

If case you don't know this game or didn't watch The Last Dance, during the 1997 NBA Finals, MJ suffered food poisoning after eating a whole pizza by himself. Despite feeling very sick, Jordan stood up and posted 38 points to his Bulls a lead in the series that would mean their 5th NBA titles.

One imagines Pippen would not post this if things weren't good between him and Jordan, but this says otherwise. They are really good friends and arguably the best duo in NBA history. As MJ said during TLD, "whenever they speak Michael Jordan, they should speak Scottie Pippen."

They did great things together with the Bulls and MJ knows that part of his success belongs to Scottie.