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Shaquille O’Neal On Old Beef With Scottie Pippen: “I Don’t Let Bums Disrespect Me. I'm The Bridge, He Is The Water, He'll Always Be Under Me.”

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Scottie Pippen has been on fire recently, criticizing his former teammate Michael Jordan and head coach Phil Jackson. After several years of being that cool guy who did the dirty job to make the Chicago Bulls a winning team, Scottie is revealing many secrets. 

As shocking as this is, No. 33 isn't new to this. The Chicago Bulls legend has been involved in back and forths for some time now. One of the most memorable happened in 2015 when he went at it with another legend, Shaquille O'Neal. 

He exchanged some jabs with Shaq on social media back in the day. After the Lakers legend claimed his All-Time Lakers team would beat the All-Time Bulls squad, Scottie fired back. 

“We would beat em by fifty,” Shaq wrote.

“Sorry @shaq but I don’t get caught up in hypotheticals. All I know is we won 6 titles, twice the amount you claimed while in LA,” Pippen replied.

What followed was these two going at it, calling each other out for their flaws and more. 

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Shaq addressed this situation on The Dan Patrick Show (via Redditor "AfroPanther"), going after Pippen again, calling him a 'bum' and claiming the Bulls forward will never be better than him. 

“I don’t let bums disrespect me,” O’Neal said. “Yeah he as a great player,” O’Neal continued. “But I’m the bridge and he is the water. He will always be under me.”

This was really something. We often watched two legends battling it out on the court. But, as the world evolved, they did so, and O'Neal and Pippen going at it on social media is the prime sample of that. 

Imagine if that happened today when people are always looking to see what current and former players say. The internet would've been crazy watching Pippen and Shaq exchanging shots on Instagram.