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Skip Bayless After Russell Westbrook’s Dominant Performance: “Without LeBron, His Dream Has Come True. The Lakers He Grew Up Loving Are Now His Team."

If LeBron James Decides To Gives Up On Russell Westbrook, The Lakers Could Trade For John Wall

After a bumpy start to the season, the Los Angeles Lakers are finally stabilizing. They have now won two consecutive games and their recent victory against the San Antonio Spurs is quite special. It featured their new addition to the team, Russell Westbrook, completely destroying their opponents.

It appears that Russ has finally snapped out of his poor form and did it rather spectacularly. He finished the match with 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists while playing 40 minutes. Moreover, in this game, Westbrook was efficient too as he finished the game being 15-27 from the field.

So there shouldn't be any concerns for the Lakers, right? Well, not according to Skip Bayless. In this match, LeBron James was given rest due to ankle soreness. While it won't mean anything concerning for most, Skip is quite different than most.

He believes the reason Westbrook played better was that James didn’t play. Bayless tweeted:

"Russell Westbrook is having the time of his life tonight. Without LeBron, his dream has come true: The Lakers he grew up loving are now HIS team."

It is true that Russ indeed looked like he was having the time of his life against the Spurs. But the reason for that was most probably not what Skip mentioned in his tweet. It is a well-known fact that LeBron is the leader of the team.

Even when Westbrook was struggling, James supported him and suggested that he relax. Maybe that advice worked for Brodie? On the other hand, it is possible that Westbrook has finally adjusted to his new life in LA. 

When joining a team that features several big names, it is hard to get into the groove right off the bat. It takes some time to gel with your teammates and play like a unit.

Now that Russ has had that time and knows what he has to do to help the Lakers win games, he had a phenomenal game.

Hopefully, the former NBA MVP can continue this form and perform at a consistent level. If he can do that, it will take the pressure off LeBron and Anthony Davis as well. And of course, it will drastically increase the Lakers' odds of winning it all.