Skip Bayless Calls Out Damian Lillard, Says He's Not Clutch: "Damian Lillard Goes 1-10 In A Home Game 4, Then In Last Night's Home Closeout, He Went 1-9 In The 2nd Half Including 0-6 From 3."

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(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Skip Bayless once again charged against Damian Lillard for 'not being clutch.' Unfortunately, the controversial analyst has gotten used to trashing great players, including LeBron James, Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, and now Lillard. 

More than 24 hours after the Portland Trail Blazers' season ended, Bayless took to social media to criticize the Twyman–Stokes Teammate of the Year Award winner. The reason? He doesn't believe Dame was clutch enough to save his team from elimination against the Denver Nuggets.

He brought up Dame's numbers in Games 4 and 6 of his first-round series vs. Denver while remembering prior series where Lillard failed to deliver for his team. 

So Damian Lillard goes 1-10 in a home Game 4, then in last night's home closeout, he went 1-9 in the 2nd half including 0-6 from 3. And Terry Stotts pays with his job. Is Lillard really Capt. Clutch? He sure can be Dame Nickel ... vs Pels in '18, GSt in '19, Lakers last yr.

Moreover, Skip used his Clippers to mock Lillard, saying he has no respect around the league, unlike LeBron James, Kevin Durant, or James Harden. 

No way would the Clippers have clowned Damian Lillard when he missed those late shots in the Bubble last yr if he had been KD, Kyrie, Harden or esp LeBron. Clips sure don't respect him as Capt. Clutch. They laughed at "Dame Time."

Skip has earned a reputation for his eyebrow-raising takes, but he's not bothered. This man lives and dies by his words regardless of who can be affected by them. 

Dame once again showed he can do a lot on the court, having impressive performances in the playoffs, including a 55-point game. It's unfair that a guy with his talent and drive doesn't get the credit he deserves.