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Skip Bayless Says He'd Take Zion Williamson Over Ja Morant

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Ja Morant and Zion Williamson

Ja Morant and Zion Williamson were both highly-touted prospects ahead of the 2019 NBA Draft. Ja Morant was always viewed as an all-around point guard with a jump-shooting weakness, while Zion Williamson was touted as a generational prospect due to his supreme athleticism.

Zion Williamson was viewed as the consensus No. 1 prospect going into the draft, but Ja Morant's recent play and Zion Williamson's durability issues, have brought about the question about whether Williamson should have been the No. 1 pick, and who people would rather have now.

This debate made it onto Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, with Bayless saying that he'd pick Zion Williamson simply due to his physical gifts, as he'd always take the "bigger player". Bayless also added that durability is a concern with Williamson and that "there's nothing not to like about Ja" except for his jump shot.

I love Ja Morant. The only reason I said I’ll take Zion is on sheer girth ability. He is so big and so athletic and so powerful and so explosive, I’ve never seen a thing like Zion. Just on pound-for-pound, inch-for-inch, I’m gonna take the bigger player, if he can stay healthy.

“If we’re talking simply durability over ability, well then obviously you got me. If we’re on a tethering path towards injury hell, where he’s just never gonna be right, you obviously got me. Because there is nothing not to like about Ja. Except that I told you, I watched him closely at Murray State – he was not a very good 3-point shooter and in this league, you need to be better than he was in college because that line is quite a bit closer. He stayed 2 years at Murray State and he shot 31% the first year and 36% the second year.

It's still a little early to decide which player was the better pick, and it seems as though Zion Williamson's spectacular play has been slightly forgotten, as he hasn't yet suited up this season. That being said, Ja Morant has been spectacular, and the discussion is certainly closer than it was before.

Zion Williamson has been hailed as a force of nature, while Ja Morant was viewed as a future superstar and a "culture builder". It is obvious that both players are good, and hopefully, they are able to have long and successful careers. It remains to be seen which player will be viewed in the more favorable light by the end of their time in the league, but as of now, they are both really great young players.