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Skip Bayless Shockingly Says Dennis Schroder Is A Better Player Than Russell Westbrook And A Superior Fit Next To LeBron James And Anthony Davis Amidst Speculation About Schroder Rejoining The Lakers

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Russell Westbrook is a player that has been frequently criticized this season for his performances with the Los Angeles Lakers. It is clear that many Lakers fans want him traded from the team, and there have been multiple reports that have suggested that the Lakers are working on doing just that.

Dennis Schroder is a former Los Angeles Lakers point guard, and he has recently suggested that he and LeBron James should team up in Los Angeles once again. It remains to be seen if that will happen, but the Los Angeles Lakers notably had an interest in signing Dennis Schroder at the trade deadline if he was bought out by the Houston Rockets.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless has recently spoken out about Dennis Schroder's potential interest in re-joining the Los Angeles Lakers, claiming that he is currently "better than Russell Westbrook", and adding that he would be a superior fit next to LeBron James than Russell Westbrook.

Right now, Dennis Schröder is better than Russell Westbrook. He would be more acceptable to LeBron, he would fit better next to LeBron and AD. He averaged 15 and 6 for the Lakers two years ago. He's pretty nifty... Very good in the pick and roll. He would be much useful to LeBron and a better fit for LeBron than Russ would be... He's not more delusional than Russell Westbrook about what his worth is.

There is definitely an argument for Dennis Schroder being a better fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis than Russell Westbrook. Schroder is a pest defensively, knows how to thrive in a limited role, and isn't ball-dominant. Those are all qualities that are needed when playing with superstars.

However, most people would agree that Russell Westbrook is a better overall player than Dennis Schroder. Hopefully, we see Russell Westbrook quiet the haters next season, whether it is on the Los Angeles Lakers or otherwise.