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Skip Bayless' Statement Will Piss Off LeBron James' Fans: "Michael Jordan Would Still Beat LeBron One-One-One Today."

Skip Bayless' Statement Will Piss Off LeBron James' Fans: "Michael Jordan Would Still Beat LeBron One-One-One Today."

Three things in this life are certain, death, taxes and Skip Bayless picking Michael Jordan over LeBron James in any and every possible context. Bayless is one of the loudest voices when it comes to excluding LeBron from the GOAT debate, often sharing some extreme takes while criticizing James. 

Bayless now has his won show, The Skip Bayless Show, and in a YouTube clip, he claimed that Michael Jordan would be able to beat LeBron James in a game of one-on-one at this current point in their lives. Jordan is now 59 years old and LeBron is still playing at an MVP level at 37, so this take is almost hard to fathom, but Bayless gave his explanation for it on the show as well. 

“Michael Jordan looked great. Looked like, to my eyes, he can still play even though he turned 59 years of age on February 17th,” said Bayless on The Skip Bayless Show.

“I still believe, if LeBron had dared to approach Michael after the game, kid him about being old, I believe Michael will say, ‘OK, how about you and I, let’s go out there once the arena has emptied. Let’s go. You and I. One-on-one. Right here, right now’.

“Could Michael hold up? Going on 60 against LeBron at 37? LeBron’s showing his age. He can’t carry a team anymore. My head says no. Michael couldn’t hold up against LeBron in a one-on-one right now… I still believe that Michael Jeffrey Jordan, would even now, figure a way to beat LeBron just on sheer killer will. I don’t think LeBron has it. Michael just spits it.”

Obviously, LeBron's fans weren't thrilled with the take and they said as much in the comments section on YouTube. 

Ray Pittman: "Skip got me rolling on the floor with this take."

Calvin Calvin: "Come on Skip even as a LeBron hater I wouldn’t think that."

#GoatJames: "Maybe in a drinking game but not in basketball! This ain‘t it Skip!"

Varan khurana: "Lord have mercy Skip… this is even worse than the 2015 segment."

AduKofs: "Skip is bored af 🤣 Undisputed needs to come back before these takes get more ridiculous."

ResultsGaming: "I’m a Jordan fan and believe he’s the goat but this is wild."

KeandreSutton: "Michael Jordan’s wife doesn’t even love him as much as Skip does."

betrayal: "Skip said this like 8 years ago and it was funny then and now."

Even though MJ might be the GOAT in the eyes of most fans, to suggest that he could beat All-NBA level, LeBron James, at the age of 60 is downright laughable. Now, if both were in their primes, it would be a different conversation and one that warrants some serious exploration. In any case, it's unlikely that this battle takes place anytime soon but it's still definitely something fans would pay anything to watch.