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Spike Lee Reacts To Patrick Ewing Debacle At Madison Square Garden: "Can You Imagine Derek Jeter Being Stopped Entering Yankee Stadium?"

(via USA Today's FTW)

(via USA Today's FTW)

The New York Knicks have given their fans a lot to cheer about this season. Amid a breakout campaign by Julius Randle, they're 7th in the East playoff picture, with a 19-19 record.

Still, this season hasn't come without controversy. Earlier this year, Knicks legend Patrick Ewing says he was stopped by security as he was entering Madison Square Garden -- meaning they either didn't recognize him or just didn't care enough to just let him in. Either way, it caused a stir in the community, as Ewing understandably bashed them for the incident.

In response to the situation, Knicks superfan Spike Lee became the latest to speak out, condemning his team for the disrespect of one of their all-time greatest legends.

“I'm not blaming this on Dolan but there has to be something just wrong at Madison Square Garden. Can any of you imagine Derek Jeter being stopped entering Yankee Stadium? Magic Johnson being stopped entering the Staples Center? Michael Jordan – the G.O.A.T. – being stopped entering the United Center? WTF!”

It sounds like a stretch to compare Ewing with the likes of Jeter, Magic, and Jordan. Talent-wise, he certainly isn't on that level.

But for the Knicks, he is that guy. He's an 11x All-Star, 7x All-NBA player, 3x All-Defensive star, and first-ballot Hall of Famer. He's probably the franchise's greatest player.

Whatever happened during his last visit, there's no real excuse to disrespect a legend like that, especially for a team struggling to recruit them right now. Hopefully, the team avoids letting a situation like that happen again.