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Steph Curry Didn’t Know That Seth Curry Was Outscoring Him When He Made His Last-Minute Shot: “He Reminded Me Right After The Game. I Didn’t Know The Stakes Were So High On That Shot.”

Stephen Curry Says Seth Curry Plays The Best Defense Against Him: "Honestly, My Brother, Because He Knows My Game So Well."

Steph Curry and Seth Curry had a brotherly showdown during the 76ers' trip to the Chase Center to take on the Golden State Warriors. In the end, Steph and the Warriors came out victorious, extending their record to 16-2, the best in the NBA. Both the Curry brothers played very well during the game.

Steph Curry scored 25 points during the game, whereas Seth was just one behind with 24. Steph pulled ahead in the final minutes of the game, thus securing the personal victory in the battle of the brothers (3:44 mark). But Steph didn't even realize that Seth was outscoring him until after the game.

Steph Curry spoke after the game about playing against Seth. Apparently, Seth reminded Steph of the fact that he was in the lead until Steph made the final shot to pull ahead. He then acknowledged the importance of the shot that allowed him to pull ahead but mentioned he didn't understand it at the time.

"I didn't (know he was outscoring me). He reminded me right after the game. I didn't know the stakes were so high on that shot. The game was over, and I was wide open."

During the game itself, Steph pulled off a ridiculous fake movement that had Seth, who was guarding him at the time, completely lost. That move was emblematic of the Warriors' performance on the night, and their level of play during the course of the season.

He also stated that he was proud of the way Seth had been playing to start off the season, heralding him for his form. After the game, Steph and Seth Curry took a picture, alongside Steph's teammate and their brother-in-law Damion Lee.

Going forward, Steph will be hoping to continue the good form he and the Warriors have found so far. They are currently one of the favorites to win the NBA Championship this season, and will probably win it all if they continue to play the way they have.