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Stephen Curry Completely Lost Seth Curry After His Fake Move

Stephen Curry Completely Lost Seth Curry After His Fake Move

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors continued their impressive run of form, this time defeating the Philadelphia 76ers to extend their record to 16-2. Facing the 76ers, Steph Curry got the opportunity to face off against his brother Seth and decided to toy with him when Seth tried guarding him.

During the game, Stephen was bringing the ball up the court, as Seth prepared to guard him. In an instant, Steph dribbled past him, passed the ball to Draymond, and quickly made enough separation to get open for the three-point shot. Seth was clearly confused by Curry's movement, as he lost him right after the pass.

Steph was really having a lot of fun playing against his brother. And decided to treat the Chase Center as their old backyard where they used to play basketball as kids. If Steph is willing to embarrass his own brother like that on the court, then opposition players should be worried about the idea of facing Stephen.

Curry has been having a spectacular season so far and is one of the top contenders for MVP this season. He is currently averaging 28 points per game and has helped the Warriors to the best record in the NBA. Curry is already bringing back hopes of a championship in San Francisco.

Steph has been playing arguably the best basketball of his career. And he is currently the leading scorer in the NBA from all positions behind the three-point line. His play is absolutely on fire. So much so, that even Shaquille O'Neal called him his favorite player right now. 

Curry will be pivotal for the Warriors going forward. The return of Klay Thompson on Christmas could allow fans to see the reunion of the Splash Brothers. If Klay returns back with his incredible shooting touch, the Warriors will be the favorites to win the NBA championship and resume their dynasty.