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Steph Curry On Draymond Green: "He's The Smartest Basketball Player I've Played With"

Steph Curry On Draymond Green: "He's The Smartest Basketball Player I've Played With"

Perhaps no player in the modern era is overlooked for his contributions more than Draymond Green. Green was a part of the historic Warriors dynasty when they were dominating in the NBA, and is still with the franchise since they've fallen off that pedestal.

During the peak years of the Warriors, Green was the defensive enforcer for the franchise, locking up the best players in the league. Because of this, Green was never expected to or asked to play a big role on the offensive end.

Because of his less-than-stellar numbers on the offensive end, Green is often overlooked, and sometimes even slandered as an NBA player. Many times, fans overlook the incredible hustle he brings on the defensive end of the court.

While Green is primarily a defensive-oriented player, that doesn't mean that he can't contribute offensively. Green is by no means a scorer, and his point totals over the last few seasons show that.

But his ability to run an offense and turn creator for his teammates is not talked about enough. Along with LeBron James, Green is one of the best point-forwards in the league, using his basketball IQ to set up teammates.

While fans may not understand what Green does for his team, his teammates are more than ever. Recently, Steph Curry came forward with high praise for Draymond, calling him the smartest basketball player he has shared a court with.

"He's the smartest basketball player I've ever played with. (Draymond can) execute the angle of the pass, speed of the pass, timing of the pass, whatever it is - he's a master at it."

Green has great passing vision and is able to run plays for his teammates off the ball to get them open. Last season, we saw Green doing this a lot for Stephen Curry. This talent for creating has made Green a valuable member of the new-look Warriors since the departure of Kevin Durant.