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Steph Curry On Klay Thompson's Return: "Thank God He Still Remembers How To Shoot The Ball."

Klay Thompson

At 19-4 on the season, the Golden State Warriors are certainly not in need of any additional help. Unfortunately for the rest of the NBA, they'll be getting it anyway.

With just two weeks to go until he's ready to play, Klay Thompson will add more potency to a Warriors team that has been killing the NBA.

Speaking to the media on the subject of Klay's return, Steph Curry couldn't help but express relief that the guy is still the same knockdown shooter we all know and love:

“Thank God he still remembers how to shoot the ball. Got some change you know. Seems like he’s got a good pep in the step and good energy out there just his body movement and all that. It is hard to get a fell for like the speed and intensity, we all watched in all film. They showed a highlight package of I think the second scrimmage they had down in Santa Cruz. Looked he was just out there confident, having fun knocking them down.”

Thompson was picked 11th by the Warriors in the 2011 NBA Draft. Almost right away, he became a treasured part of the roster, shooting the ball with accuracy and being a pest on the defensive end.

In 2015, he made his first All-Star team and continued to be selected until his tragic Achilles tear in the 2019 Finals. He missed two whole seasons of time with two separate injuries, and all while the Warriors were struggling to stay relevant in the West.

After months and months of rehab and training, Klay is closer than ever to making his return, and it could be exactly what the Warriors need to bring home another title. If Klay returns with the same shooting stroke he had when he left, the BNA is in serious trouble.