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Steph Curry Speaks Up On Black Lives Matter Protests: “This Is A Great Time To Be Alive"

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

In a time of worldwide unrest, many stars have spoken up in the name of racial equality and social justice. Joining his fellow basketball stars, Steph Curry became the latest to share his thoughts on the movement -- in a chat with Jerry McDonald of The Mercury News:

“This is a great time to be alive,” the Warriors star said in the virtual discussion entitled The Dream Marches On. “I’m excited to see what this next generation does as they venture out on their own. The people I got to walk with at a protest, young men and women of all ages, people are meeting the moment.

“This has been the culimination [sic] of 400 years of injustices in a system that is not working for all people in this country. It took a perfect storm of two pandemics at one time to grab everybody’s attention. We’re obviously dealing with COVID and its threat to our society, and that has opened up a conversation and an awareness level for all people. I hope the conversaton [sic] continues, and that this isn’t just a moment, but a movement and we find changeable actions where everyone can play their role and play their part.”

Curry is obviously proud of the progress we've made in these past few weeks. The world has taken notice and the conversation now is louder than it has ever been.

The Splash Bro. himself has been seen in several protests in California and has been one of the most active faces in this movement around the association. He and the Warriors have never shied away from expressing their views and clearly, this is no different.

Let's hope this movement results in some permanent change...