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Stephen A. Smith Reveals The Brooklyn Nets Expect 'At Least Two All-Stars' For A Kevin Durant Trade

Stephen A. Smith Reveals The Brooklyn Nets Expect 'At Least Two All-Stars' For A Kevin Durant Trade

The Brooklyn Nets have been the talk of the town ever since their superstar forward Kevin Durant reportedly demanded a trade from the franchise. After winning two championships in three years with the Golden State Warriors, Durant wanted a new challenge, and the Brooklyn Nets were his answer back in 2019.

An up-and-coming team with many young players, KD knew that the franchise had the assets to be a superteam, so it was a no-brainer for the 2-time Finals MVP. With Kyrie Irving and later James Harden joining the team, the Nets superteam was ready to dominate, but as fate would have it, the Nets often struggled with injuries. Whenever it wasn't an injury, it was off-court issues of Kyrie Irving.

Given how disappointing the three seasons were for the Nets with Kevin Durant at the helm, it is understandable to see why the 2014 MVP is seeking new pastures. A player like Durant is rarely available in the market, and contending teams will be like sharks in water to acquire the superstar. But it seems like the price for the 2-time Finals MVP has been set.

NBA insider and analyst Stephen A. Smith recently revealed that the price for a probable Durant trade to take place is 'at least 2 All-Stars'.

This is certainly a very hefty price tag to match, but given the caliber of a player like Durant, the astronomical price is somewhat justified. Given the price, there are only a handful of teams who could realistically target the 32-year-old.

The Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat are possibly the only teams who could package a deal containing two All-Star caliber players and add some picks to swoop in Durant. But the deal won't be as simple for any of the parties involved.

KD, meanwhile, might have to be very patient before he finds a new home. A contender might not be willing just yet to give up two All-Stars for a prime Durant. Given that it has just been a day since Durant demanded his trade from the Nets, it will be very interesting to see which teams end up shopping for KD and which teams are willing to risk it all.