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Stephen A. Smith Says Brooklyn Nets Will Make NBA Finals

nets big three

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the favorites for the NBA Finals. Their solid performances after the James Harden trade have convinced many people that they truly are a championship team. There is reason to be hopeful: the Brooklyn Nets have three superstars, with two of them being former MVP award winners. Making the Finals is almost an expectation.

One of the people who believe in the Brooklyn Nets making it to the Finals is Stephen A. Smith. Stephen A. Smith claims that the Nets could be taking it easy during the regular season, but will still proceed to make the NBA Finals after getting past the Eastern Conference.

Stephen A. Smith mentions that the Brooklyn Nets have the best offense in the NBA. It makes sense that they are, since James Harden is an offensive powerhouse, and Kevin Durant is one of the top-two players in the game. Kyrie Irving is also an elite scorer, and his slick handles can get him past anyone. The Brooklyn Nets have managed to put three superstars together, and that bodes well for their current and future scoring. With this kind of star power, it is almost a guarantee that they will make the Finals.

While people shouldn't go all-in on the Brooklyn Nets making the Finals, they have a pretty good chance. No other Eastern Conference contender has a similar level of superstar power, and it will show in the playoffs. The offense beats defense in the modern NBA, and the Nets have plenty of it.