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NBA Rumors: 5 Trades That Won't Happen This Season

NBA Rumors: 5 Trades That Won't Happen This Season

In the NBA world, there are a lot of trades, and players move teams all the time. It has been a feature of recent seasons to see stars traded to a competing franchise, in order for the franchise to go all-in on winning a championship. For example, there was the Toronto Raptors acquiring Kawhi Leonard a few years ago, or Anthony Davis' being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. This year, a blockbuster trade was made between the Brooklyn Nets and the Houston Rockets in order to send James Harden to Brooklyn. These trades have become somewhat commonplace.

But there are also a lot of potential trades that don't happen. There are plenty of reasons for that: either the team finds a better offer for their star, or perhaps they send him to a team that gives him a better ability to win a championship. There is also a possibility of the trade not happening one season, but happening the next. Here are five trades that won't happen this season.

5. Blake Griffin To Atlanta Hawks

(via PistonPowered)

(via PistonPowered)

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Blake Griffin

Detroit Pistons Receive: Clint Capela, Tony Snell, a future second-round pick

At this point, Blake Griffin will likely not go to the Hawks, especially not for that package. While earlier in the season the Hawks' outlook on the season was less certain, they look like they will be a playoff team. Clint Capela is currently playing better than Blake Griffin and is athletic enough to finish Trae Young's passes at the rim. A center like Clint Capela doesn't provide any shooting, but he is a great defender inside, with 2.4 BPG. The Atlanta young core is solid, and it could get even better.

Tony Snell and the pick aren't huge assets, but they'd probably be needed for a Griffin trade. While this trade could have been interesting earlier in the season, it's not likely to happen due to the Hawks finding their groove, and Capela's elite play at the C position.

4. Kevin Love To Brooklyn Nets

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

(via Bright Side Of The Sun)

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: DeAndre Jordan, Joe Harris, Jeff Green, and Landry Shamet

This trade won't happen this season simply due to the fact that Kevin Love's contract is hard to match, and the Brooklyn Nets aren't trading any of their superstars. They'd have to gut their rotation in order for star power: that isn't necessarily a good idea as they already gutted their rotation once in order to get James Harden: their defense has been among the worst in the league since the Harden trade.

Trading for another star may sound appealing on paper, but it is teams that win championships. It is more likely that a solid free agent that is left on the market is added to the roster, and that they sign solid defensive role players rather than a 4th star.

3. Kyle Lowry To Detroit Pistons

(via Raptors Rapture)

(via Raptors Rapture)

Detroit Pistons Receive: Kyle Lowry

Toronto Raptors Receive: Blake Griffin, a future first-round pick

If the Raptors do this trade, it is due to the fact that Kyle Lowry is in the last year of his contract. However, the Raptors have been fighting for a playoffs spot recently, and are currently 9th in the Eastern Conference. It is hard to see the Raptors fall out of the playoffs race due to the leadership of Nick Nurse. Kyle Lowry is also playing at a higher level than Blake Griffin currently and his play is crucial for the Raptors.

Blake Griffin would also carry with him an injury risk, something that the Raptors cannot afford if they are to compete for the playoffs. The pick would be nice, but Lowry is a franchise legend. It is likely that the only reason that a Lowry trade happens is if he asks for it, but as the Raptors have been improving fairly steadily, it looks like that eventuality is far away.

2. Victor Oladipo To Miami Heat

(via Hoops Habit)

(via Hoops Habit)

Miami Heat Receive: Victor Oladipo

Houston Rockets Receive: Andre Iguodala, Kendrick Nunn, KZ Okpala

Victor Oladipo to the Miami Heat has been a rumor for a while, but he could also go there in free agency. Oladipo is a great player, but the Miami Heat have had a very crowded guard rotation already. Tyler Herro is breaking out as a shooting guard, and it is hard to see the Miami Heat give away his starting spot. Don't forget about Goran Dragic either. While Oladipo may eventually end up on the Miami Heat at some point in his career, it is unlikely to be via trade this season.

While the trade itself is a solid value for an expiring contract in Oladipo, it just makes no sense to be traded now. The Rockets have been on a roll since his arrival, and he has times where he looks like his pre-injury self. If he has a solid season with the Rockets, he is more likely to get a better contract, rather than entering a crowded guard rotation with other talented players.

1. Bradley Beal To Denver Nuggets

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

Denver Nuggets Receive: Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards Receive: Michael Porter Jr., Gary Harris, Monte Morris, a 2021 first-round pick

This trade package would potentially be good for both the Wizards and the Nuggets: but the new word in town is that Bradley Beal doesn't want a trade. Bradley Beal is one of the most loyal stars in the NBA and is committed to the Washington Wizards. While it is doubtful that the trade rumors ever go away, it looks like Beal could be staying put in Washington for the near future.

While this package could fully entice the Washington Wizards in the future, the trade itself probably won't happen this season, with Bradley Beal's reluctance to move. Beal could easily be moved in the future if the Washington Wizards continue being bad. Michael Porter Jr. would provide the Nuggets with a nice trade chip to center their package around. The Wizards could still make the playoffs this season though and that further contributes to the likelihood of this trade going down.


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