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Stephen A. Smith Says That LeBron James Will Be Eliminated In The First-Round For The First Time Ever If Anthony Davis Can't Play

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The Los Angeles Lakers have recently taken a huge injury blow to their roster. Superstar Anthony Davis has recently been sidelined with a groin injury during Game 4 against the Phoenix Suns. Anthony Davis is a huge contributor on both ends for the Los Angeles Lakers, and his absence means that LeBron James will have to carry a bigger load for the Lakers.

Basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith has suggested that LeBron James may be eliminated in the first round for the first time in his career if Anthony Davis is unable to play. Smith suggests that the Lakers have no way of beating this Phoenix Suns team if Davis isn't healthy. (1:20)

LeBron’s going home for the first time in the first round in his career. They’re not beating the Suns without Anthony Davis. Especially with CP3 now looking healthy, then he looked in Game 2 and 3... It’s going to take the greatness of LeBron James along with Anthony Davis to pull out this series. Like they basically did in Game 2 and 3.

Without Anthony Davis, LeBron James, at this stage and point in his career, will not be enough. Regardless of how broad those shoulders are.

The series will certainly remain somewhat competitive, as LeBron James gives a team a chance to win against any opponent. There is no question that things look bleak for the Lakers without Anthony Davis, but at the same time, we shouldn't underestimate LeBron James.