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Stephen Curry Has Respect For The Grizzlies: "They Made Us Better... They'll Be Here For A Long Time Just Because They Have A Lot Going For Them."

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Ja Morant and Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies had a tough and physical series in the second round. Both teams were definitely contenders, and though the series didn't go to seven games, it was certainly entertaining. The Golden State Warriors closed out the series in Game 6, but it definitely wasn't an easy game for them by any means.

After last night's game, Stephen Curry showed some respect to the Memphis Grizzlies, claiming that playing them made the Golden State Warriors better, and added that he thinks that the Grizzlies will "be here" as a good team "for a long time".

I have a lot of respect for every single guy on that team in terms of how they're built as a group, individual talent. They have a lot of energy, a lot of potential in terms of winning at the highest level. They were the higher seed for a reason, they had an amazing regular season and dominated over the course of the 82 games... There's definitely respect, there's definitely an understanding that they made us better, I'm sure we've made them better. Who knows what happens down the road, but they'll be here for a long time just because they have a lot going on for them. Definitely respect.

There's no doubt that the Memphis Grizzlies accomplished a lot during their regular season. Even without Ja Morant, they managed to get a dominant win against the Golden State Warriors in Game 5, and the future is definitely bright in Memphis. Ja Morant and Desmond Bane look like they'll make up an elite backcourt for years to come, and Jaren Jackson Jr's defense has been spectacular most of the playoffs.

Hopefully, we see another series between the Golden State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies next season. Their matchup made for some amazing basketball, and there's no doubt that many would love to watch Stephen Curry play against Ja Morant.