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Stephen Curry Is Shooting 56% On Stepback 3PT Shots From Beyond 25 Feet

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Draymond Green After Warriors Win Third Straight Game- "We Ain't No 'We Believe 2.0' We Got Fuc*king Steph Curry On Our Team."

Stephen Curry has been one of the greatest shooters in the game for a long time, but to reduce his game to just shooting is to do a disservice to a player that could be considered the greatest point guard of all time. Stephen Curry's scoring and shot-creation are on another level, and he deserves to be considered among the greatest scorers that have ever lived.

A lot of people expected Stephen Curry to falter this season without the aid of co-star Klay Thompson. But instead, Stephen Curry has dominated the game offensively and is currently the NBA scoring leader, averaging 31.8 PPG. Recently, has recently shared a statistic that highlights how Stephen Curry's shot creation is on another level. The statistic claims that Stephen Curry is shooting 56% on stepback threes from beyond 25 feet: that is absolutely incredible. The statistic also provided a comparison to other players to highlight how absurd Stephen Curry is: James Harden shoots 36% on the same shots, while Damian Lillard is even lower, with 33%.

We have been reminded this season about just how unique of a player Stephen Curry is. The league has seen many people dominate the game, but we have never seen anything close to what Curry is doing. While the Golden State Warriors have been inconsistent throughout the season, that can't be attributed to Curry's play. Despite their struggles this year, they have recently found a groove, and have beaten the top 2 seeds in the Western Conference during back-to-back games. There is no team that wants to face Stephen Curry in the first round: any team with Curry is obviously still an extremely dangerous opponent.