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Stephen Curry Responds To Ousmane Dembele Doing His "Night Night" Celebration: "A Movement."

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Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to the 2022 NBA championship. During the playoffs, Curry showed the world his new signature celebration, the "night night" celebration. 

Recently, a video of FC Barcelona player Ousmane Dembele doing the "night night" celebration went viral. Stephen Curry reacted to the soccer player doing his signature celebration, saying that it's "a movement".

Since the celebration's debut, many athletes around the world have mimicked that celebration. Sabrina Ionescu notably brought the celebration over to the WNBA, and Curry's celebration has even been spotted among younger basketball players as well.

There is no doubt that Stephen Curry is one of the most influential basketball players in the modern era. In fact, his impact is so great that some people, such as analyst Bobby Marks even believe that he is the second-best player ever behind Michael Jordan.

I'm going to stun you with this take here. I actually think Steph Curry is the second-best player of all time. Right behind Michael Jordan. Curry has this instinct what I saw with Jordan. Anytime he has the ball you think it's going to go in. He is a threat offensively. I think we've got 3 or 4 more years of Curry in his prime right now... I would put Curry ahead of LeBron James right now, as far as that No. 2 guy behind Michael Jordan... He'll be a solid No. 2 when we get to 3 or 4 years from now.

I feel that watching him during these playoffs, certainly during the Finals. LeBron is a great player... I saw Jordan in his prime in the 90s, Curry reminds me a lot of that offensively where he is a threat to beat you in a lot of different ways.

It remains to be seen what other athletes will follow Stephen Curry and do his celebration in the future. As he mentioned in his Tweet, it has clearly become "a movement" around the globe.

The Golden State Warriors could potentially repeat as champions next year, and there's no doubt that they have a lot of talent on the roster. While the Western Conference will certainly be tougher next year, the Warriors will likely be confident in their chances with Curry at the helm.