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Stephen Curry Roasted Kings After Warriors Had Poor Shooting Night: "I Felt Like I Got Traded To The Kings Overnight."

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Stephen Curry

The Sacramento Kings are known as a team that is generally consistently subpar, as they have consistently missed the playoffs, and have the longest playoff drought in the league right now.

The Golden State Warriors recently defeated the Memphis Grizzlies, even after a historically poor shooting night. They did manage to eke out the win though, and after the game, Stephen Curry roasted the Kings, joking that he thought he was "traded to the Kings" during the shooting night.

You talk about historically bad shooting, a lot of history in the Bay... I felt like we got traded to the Kings overnight, I don't know how to explain all this.

The Sacramento Kings haven't done well recently, but perhaps things will turn around for them next season. They made a win-now trade for big man Domantas Sabonis at the trade deadline. He is definitely a good fit with point guard De'Aaron Fox. De'Aaron Fox is a really good scoring point guard, though some people, like JJ Redick, criticized the Kings for keeping De'Aaron Fox instead of former Kings guard Tyrese Haliburton.

“I went on ESPN and I said ‘the Kings just traded their best player’ which is true. If we look at counting stats, yes De’Aaron Fox averages more points, I understand that. There’s really no statistical measure that you can look at this season that doesn’t say Tyrese Haliburton has been the best player for the Kings.”

“All of the all-encompassing advanced stats, single metric stats, who’s the best player? It’s been Tyrese. And the second-best player on the team for the Kings this year has been Harrison [Barnes]. That is a fact. I don’t give a f–k how many points a guy averages. That doesn’t mean s–t. Tyrese Haliburton plays basketball exactly how basketball should be played.”

The Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings are currently in drastically different places. The Warriors look like they'll be contending for the championship, while the Sacramento Kings season has long been done, as they missed the play-in tournament.

With that being said, it is quite likely that the Sacramento Kings will be a good team at some point in the future. They have some solid young talent on the roster, and we'll see how their plan comes together in the future.