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Stephen Curry Says He Thought He Was Joining The Knicks Before 2009 Draft: "I Didn’t Even Have Golden State On My Radar..."

Stephen Curry Admits He Wanted The New York Knicks To Draft Him: "I Absolutely Was Wanting To Go To The Knicks."

It's fair to say that things have worked out pretty well for star guard Stephen Curry. In 12 years with the Warriors, he has found a permanent home in Golden State and has enjoyed prosperity for years (both on and off the court).

Interestingly enough, Curry never imagine it'd go down quite like this. In fact, back in 2009, he thought he was headed to the Knicks on draft day before the Warriors picked him up.

Not only did Curry believe he was going to be a Knick, but he also wanted to be a Knick. As he revealed in a video back in January, his heart was set on joining the Orange and Blue:

“I absolutely was wanting to go to the Knicks. The draft was in New York, it was my dad’s birthday, June 25th 2009. Had a lot of conversations with the GM of New York at the time who said if I was on the board, they’d picked me. So there’s a lot of hype because being in New York, I thought I was going to be a New York Knick. But they always be careful what you wish for, everything happened the way it was supposed to be, so I’m a Warrior.”

It's hard to tell how things would have turned out had the Knicks gotten Steph that year. Despite the dysfunction, getting a guy as talented as Curry would have changed everything for them.

Alas, the Knicks did not luck out and they landed Jordan Hill at 8 instead.

Meanwhile, Curry got to enjoy a particularly advantageous situation in Golden State. They built a great roster around him and gave him the tools he needed to succeed. There is no doubt he must be thankful for how it all turned out.