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Stephen Jackson Defends DeSean Jackson After Controversial Anti-Semitic Post: 'He's Speaking The Truth'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Stephen Jackson caused a big stir on social media in recent hours after he defended NFL wide receiver, DeSean Jackson, over one anti-semitic Instagram post. DeSean shared an Instagram story with a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler, talking about how the Jews will extort America and how their plan wouldn't work because black people knew how they were.


Stephen said DeSean was 'trying to educate himself' and 'educate people' while calling out the NFL for its silence on the racial injustices and remembering that black people in America are being harassed and killed by the police now more than ever.

He went off on NFL owners and players, claiming that owners were racists and players were cool being treated like 's--t' because they received a check. Jackson even replied to another user who said Jewish people controlled the world. This situation got out of control very quickly. He isn't backing down with his claims and even doubled down his comments with another post.

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Jackson uploaded another pic with a text who said some races pain 'doesn't hurt more than the next races pain,' sending a message to those who never supported the BLM movement.

This is a very sensitive topic and it shouldn't be taken or addressed so lightly. While a lot of people showed his support to Jackson, others expressed their disagreement with his claims. This is not what America needs right now, but some people don't seem to care about that.