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Stephen Silas On DeMarcus Cousins Ejection: "He Wasn’t Going To Allow Anything To Happen To His Rookie, And I Think That’s Admirable... Him Sticking Up For His Teammate Shows A Lot Of Who DeMarcus Cousins Is."

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Rockets' star DeMarcus Cousins is known for getting in trouble with the referees. Technical fouls have been a part of his career since his Sacramento Kings days. As Cousins tries to mentor Rockets' center Christian Wood, one would hope that the referee trouble isn't something that Wood will pick up. It's the all-around game of Cousins that Wood should be looking at.

Recently, DeMarcus Cousins got an ejection during the Los Angeles Lakers game. Ejections are something that coaches usually frown upon, but not in this case. Markieff Morris got into it with DeMarcus Cousins, but luckily the situation got de-escalated quickly.

From the video, you see a Rockets player take a charge, followed by Cousins giving Markieff Morris a shove, and helping his teammate up afterward. Cousins has always been known as a bruiser and an enforcer on the floor. However, that is no excuse for committing such a foul. As a veteran, Cousins should know better and set a better example on the floor.

If DeMarcus Cousins can stay on the floor, he can be a very useful piece for the new-look Rockets. There is no reason for Cousins to start altercations. While Coach Silas is right in saying that Cousins is admirable in defending his rookie, Cousins could express his displeasure without getting ejected. In the future, the Rockets will hope that Cousins avoids more trouble with the officials.