Steve Kerr On Draymond Green Off-Season Workouts: "I’m Not Kidding -- Draymond Is Shooting The Hell Out Of The Ball"

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Credit: USATSI 

Credit: USATSI 

Draymond Green vowed to improve his offensive weapons this offseason, and he's working on it, according to his head coach. After missing a clutch layup in the play-in tournament, the big man received many criticism from fans. 

This led to Green promising he'll work on his offensive skills this summer, trying to become a more dangerous asset for the Golden State Warriors. Recently, Steve Kerr revealed details of Draymond's summer workout, stating he's doing a lot to become a better shooter. 

“I rebounded for Draymond pregame the other day for his shooting routine -- first time I've ever done it," Kerr said Thursday on 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" show. "I've been coaching Draymond for seven years. But I was rebounding for his shooting routine [laughter].

"That stuff is fun. It's all new and different. Just a wonderful experience."

This isn't something of one day. Green is really putting in the work to be a better shooter, and Kerr can't hide his excitement about what's next for the former DPOY award winner. 

"I’m not kidding -- Draymond is shooting the hell out of the ball," Kerr said. "Whether it’s in drills ... he is playing with a ton of confidence. I think the last couple months were so good for him after what was a tough season last year.

"I just think for Draymond and Steph [Curry] and for us as a team, those last 20 games -- even though we didn’t get in [the playoffs] -- were so important for confidence individually and team-wise.

"I think Draymond is in a great place and I'm so excited to be coaching him this summer and going into next year.”

The Warriors are confident Green can take his game to the next level. Next season will be a big one for them with the return of Klay Thompson, plus two draft picks they'll select at the end of the month. 

This is a promising scenario for the Dubs. Kerr and co. are ready to take this team to the playoff and see if they can return to the Finals after two years.