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Steve Kerr Praises The Way Stephen Curry Treats His Fans: “There's An Awareness With Steph, A Self-Awareness That's Really Powerful And Beautiful To See.”

Steve Kerr Praises The Way Stephen Curry Treats His Fans: “There's An Awareness With Steph, A Self-Awareness That's Really Powerful And Beautiful To See.”

Stephen Curry is one of the most popular NBA players on the planet. The Golden State Warriors superstar has given fans several reasons to love him. Be it for his electrifying performances on the court or changing the way that modern era basketball is played.

But the biggest reason that fans love is how well he treats them. At the status of Curry, sometimes athletes start ignoring the fans or give them somewhat less importance. That isn't the case with the Baby-Faced Assassin.

On Christmas, he surprised fans by making an appearance as secret Santa. Steph did it for simply seeing a smile on the faces of his fans and he certainly succeeded in doing that.

Steph's head coach Steve Kerr is aware of the way his superstar talent treats the fans and Kerr talked about it in detail in an interview.

Via NBC Sports:

"There's an awareness with Steph, a self-awareness that's really powerful and beautiful to see. Last week when we were in San Antonio, he missed the game and I got on the bus at 5:30 to head to the game and because he was not playing, he got on that bus. Normally, he'd go early. And he came out at 5:20 and signed every autograph. There were probably 40 people on the curb across the street from the bus and he came out early, signed every autograph and got on the bus and went over to the arena.

"That night at the game, Steph knew there were a bunch of people, parents with their kids wearing Curry jerseys who bought tickets to see him play. He's aware of that. He understands that there probably was a lot of disappointment for those people who saved up their money to buy tickets, so what did he do? He went over there and he interacted with people, he signed autographs, he talked to kids. And it completely made a difference in terms of the experience of all those people who came to the game to see him. So his self-awareness in terms of his power and his ability to do good, to make people feel happy and to just make a difference is one of my favorite dynamics of him."

Kerr, further said, "It's unusual for a superstar like Steph. I think a lot of players are aware and use their presence to make people feel good, and that's something that makes them feel good in turn. But for a superstar that is just hounded every second of every day is filled with one thing after the next, it can be exhausting. That's pretty rare. I've seen Steph arrive at a hotel in a city at two o'clock in the morning. There's people out there and I see him, he goes over and signs autographs all the time in those circumstances. So it's pretty unique."

Steph is a global superstar and there aren't many at his level. However, the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant was probably someone on the same level of popularity as Curry. Moreover, similar to Curry, Kobe did a lot of things for fans.

His wife Vanessa Bryant once revealed that Kobe played through many injuries because he didn't want to see the fans go back home upset.

We hope Steph never changes and will always treat his millions of fans in the same way that he has done throughout his career.