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Steve Kerr Says Only "Steph, LeBron, And Giannis" Are Untouchable, And Almost Everyone On The Warriors Is Tradeable

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

(via San Francisco Chronicle)

As the Golden State Warriors continue to battle for playoff positioning, the status of their future continues to be a topic of major conversation.

With Steph Curry sitting at 33-years-old, and Klay Thompson coming off two major injuries, there is a sense that the Championship window has closed for Dub Nation -- at least, for now.

But in a recent chat with the media, Warriors coach Steve Kerr hinted at possible changes to come for his team, revealing that the only real "untouchables" in the league are LeBron, Curry, and Giannis.

Kerr isn't the GM, so we can't take those words as definitive evidence the Warriors are going to learn house this summer. But it does reinforce the idea that they're open to trading anyone not named Steph Curry, and that includes James Wiseman, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

Going forward, it seems like nobody is truly safe on the Warriors. And, considering how the past two seasons have gone for them, it could be shaping up to be a transformative offseason in a few months.

Whatever the case, it'll be interesting to see how this team looks come next season, and if they can ever return to their title-contending ways.