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Steve Kerr Was Not Happy With The Referees Despite Patrick Beverley Trying To Calm Him Down: "I'm Trying To Stay Calm."

Steve Kerr

Amidst all the chaos, NBA head coaches are usually expected to keep their cool in situations where tempers begin to flare. Mostly, players tend to lose their cool with the referees and the opposing players getting their way. But Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr couldn't help himself against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

During the Warriors' game against the Timberwolves, a controversial decision took place as the Timberwolves were granted a basket and a trip to the free-throw line despite the shot clock seemingly running out. 

Steve Kerr was not happy with this, and even Patrick Beverley took notice, trying to speak to him. When explaining to the referees his frustration, Kerr maintained that he was trying his best to stay calm.

"I'm trying to stay calm."

The Warriors were not the only team to see a call go against them last night. NBA referee Scott Foster went viral after getting into a heated exchange with Timberwolves player Jaylen Nowell.

Kerr was clearly frustrated by the officiating and was not happy with the call on the floor. And while he didn't seem to have a massive outburst, it was clear that he was doing his best to maintain his composure and not have a reaction that would warrant punishment from the referees.

Kerr is usually one of the more relaxed head coaches in the NBA, not often resorting to being loud and angry. But even he has found himself frustrated with decisions on the court and has made his own voice clear in those situations. Seeing decisions go against your team can be a frustrating experience.