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Steven Adams On Why He Has A Bad Reputation In Memphis: Because Z-Bo Punched Me In The Face As A Rookie, And Then You Guys Lost Game 7 Because Of It — Just To Bring Up Some Old Stuff."

steven adams

The Memphis Grizzlies just got themselves a real fighter - both literally and figuratively - in Steven Adams.

They added a physical, strong interior defender to provide some toughness like in the good old days of the "Grit and Grind" era.

But, ironically, it's exactly because of those days that Steven Adams isn't exactly a fan favorite in Memphis. On the contrary, they often boo him because of his altercation with Grizzlies legend Zach Randolph years ago:

“My reputation here is actually not that great I don’t think,” Adams told the Daily Memphian. “Because Z-Bo (Zach Randolph) punched me in the face as a rookie, and then you guys lost Game 7 because of it — just to bring up some old stuff.”

Despite being just a rookie, Adams didn't back down or hesitated to get into it with one of the toughest veterans in the league. And he hasn't changed the slightest ever since.

Even so, Adams is looking forward to bringing his very own peskiness into the picture in Memphis. He's pretty aware of their culture and, to be honest, looks like a match made in heaven:

“I definitely remember the type of battles (in Memphis), because they had a real gritty team,” he said. “(Oklahoma City) had a gritty team. Memphis had a gritty team. But Memphis has always been known as the Grindhouse, you know what I mean?

I think I have a good idea (what the culture is like), from playing against it. But I’ll just have to see what it is like when you are a part of it."

The Grizzlies continue to embrace toughness and have an up-and-coming team that's going to be very good for years to come.

And, judging by his game and reputation, something tells us that Adams is going to fit in right away.