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The Ball Brothers Are Ruling The NBA: Chicago And Charlotte Are The Top Seeds In The East

The Ball Brothers Are Ruling The NBA: Chicago And Charlotte Are The Top Seeds In The East

Nobody believed LaVar Ball when he said his boys would become perennial NBA stars. Labeled as a raving lunatic, LaVar was branded as irrelevant by most of the media and fans, and his spotlight is a mere fragment of what it was when Lonzo first came into the league.

And when he said LaMelo Ball would win Rookie of the Year in 2020, nobody batted an eye.

"Teaming up with Michael Jordan and you can't get Rookie of the Year? Are you crazy?"

But as things stand now, his two sons Lonzo and LaMelo (who won Rookie of the Year last season) are currently considered major players for two of the East's top teams.

And while there is doubt that things will stay that way, there is no arguing that the Ball brothers are not some of the NBA's elite guards -- and some have already taken notice.

For Lonzo, he just made history by becoming the only player to get a triple-double with three different teams before turning 24. Through three games, he's averaging 14.3 points, 5 assists, and 2 steals per game this season.

In Charlotte, LaMelo is still developing his game, but he is already proving to be a star. Perhaps even more impressive is the leadership ability he has displayed at just 20-years-old -- which was put on full display when he benched himself in a fourth-quarter win against Brooklyn.

At the moment, the Ball brothers are ruling the East, and there's no reason to think they can't keep it up.

The only missing link is LiAngelo, who has yet to make an NBA roster. After several stints with overseas and G-League teams, the guy had a few opportunities to join the big leagues before ultimately being cut.

Still, despite that, the Ball family is thriving, and we all might owe LaVar a serious apology...