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The Hilarious Reason Why Shaquille O'Neal Wore A Wig On 'Inside The NBA'

Shaquille O'Neal

In an appearance on 'Inside the NBA' on Tuesday, Shaquille O'Neal caused quite a stir when he showed up to the set wearing a poofy black wig.

Looking for an explanation, his co-host Ernie Johnson took it upon himself to ask what was going on.

As Shaq would hilariously go on to explain, he hit his head on an exit sign which prompted the need for a few bandaids on his scalp. Instead of taking the L, he decided to have a little fun with it.

O'Neal tried selling the guys a story about a hawk swooping down and attacking him, but they know him far too well to believe that outlandish story, and it's pretty funny how quickly they shut that down.

The clip is also an interesting reminder of some of the stuff big guys like him have to deal with on a daily basis. As a 7'1" giant, he's not exactly an average human, and being wary of exit signs (and other ceiling-level high objects) is something he has to watch for every time he steps inside.

The good thing about Shaq and his friends is that they always find a way to take seemingly irrelevant stuff like that and turn them into comedy for the audience.

Recently, there have been rumblings about personnel changes for the show. As Charles Barkley gets up there in age, he has admitted his thoughts of retiring from television when he turns 60.

If a split is coming soon, it will be hard for the network to find a replacement.

As for O'Neal, he seems right at home in the media world. Besides being a prominent figure on the show, he's got his own podcast where he goes into more depth on his thoughts on the world.

For now, let's just hope that he avoids hitting any more exit signs in the future.