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The Los Angeles Lakers Are The Only NBA Team That Hasn't Won A Road Game

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Lakers Are Officially Anthony Davis' Team, Fans Agree After AD's 3rd Explosive 30-Point Game

The Los Angeles Lakers are a team that has been poor over the course of the season, and they currently have a 5-11 record. There's no doubt that the team is a long way from getting to the playoffs right now.

A recent fact posted by Sportskeeda showed just how bad the Los Angeles Lakers have been thus far this season. As of right now, the Los Angeles Lakers are the only team in the NBA that has not yet won a road game. Though Anthony Davis has played amazingly as of late, it is clear that he alone cannot carry the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs.

It remains to be seen if the Los Angeles Lakers will manage to turn their season around. They will likely be able to win a road game at some point, as soon as today against the San Antonio Spurs. However, this stat is definitely reflective of the Los Angeles Lakers' early struggles.

The Los Angeles Lakers Need To Make A Trade

For the Los Angeles Lakers to be more competitive, they need to make a trade to improve their roster. Recently, it was reported that they have an interest in Knicks point guard Derrick Rose.

The Los Angeles Lakers are interested in trading for a $43 million All-Star and former MVP. senior insider Sean Deveney spoke to an Eastern Conference executive who stated the Lakers “have always had interest” in New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose, who is available in trade talks.

“He is always going to be the good soldier and he might not even want out of New York just because he and Thibs are so tight,” the exec told Deveney. “But he’s going to want to play at some point and he is going to want a chance to win. The Lakers have always had interest, but there is no way to make that deal work now with the contracts they have.”

There is no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers are exploring all potential options to improve their team. They have also been linked to guard Terry Rozier, and it is clear that the team is trying to add veteran guards who understand their role.

Hopefully, we see the Los Angeles Lakers find a way to make a trade. The team already has a fair amount of talent on the roster, and a trade could help them turn their season around.

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