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The NBA Got Mad At JR Smith And Shut Down His IG Live Because He Was Exposing The Orlando Bubble Food

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

JR Smith just landed in the NBA bubble and he's already making trouble. It'd be a lie if you thought he wasn't going to star in a controversial moment, the biggest question was when. Well, the newly-acquired Lakers guard was already making noise on Thursday night and the league wasn't exactly happy with his behavior.

Smith was live-streaming his experience, sharing with the fans all the things he was living and seeing but he took things a little too far. For starters, he didn't like the blanket he received and he went on an NSFW rant.

“Bruh — they didn’t do that bruh. They didn’t do that,” Smith says in the video while showing off a blanket with an NBA logo. “Look at the blanket bruh. What the [expletive]. I know Bron ain’t got this. Bron and AD, these [expletive] 6-foot-12. I know they aren’t using this little [expletive] blanket. Ya’ll got to chill. I got to chill.”

He also discussed the food of the bubble, which he didn't like, with the people watching the stream. Ultimately, the NBA got tired of that and asked the guard to finish his live stream, as he revealed before closing it out.

“Ah man. They mad at me bro. I’m gone, just got the text. Exposing too much [expletive],” Smith said. “Got to go. My bad.”

Smith hasn't been the only one exposing the conditions of the bubble, but he didn't know when to stop and the league had to act. It wasn't a secret that we were going to have a lot of fun with JR but he started very early.

The Lakers will expect him to be more serious about everything from now on. The Purple and Gold return to action against the Los Angeles Clippers on July 30.