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There May Be Some Beef Between Kyle Kuzma And Lonzo Ball

There May Be Some Beef Between Kyle Kuzma And Lonzo Ball

Kyle Kuzma denies any rift in his friendship with Lonzo Ball. But after a video made its rounds through the internet on Saturday night, there's a belief that their once strong friendship isn't nearly what it used to be.

In the aftermath of the clash between the Lakers and Pelicans, a disinterested Zo seemingly shrugs off Kuzma as he's making his post-game pleasantries.

According to Kuz, who put out some of the fire on Twitter, Ball was just making fun of his new hair.

Further investigation reveals that the two no longer follow each other on Instagram, calling into question why Kuz would try to take Lonzo in a post at all.

Still, Kuzma has denied any sort of beef with his former teammates.

(via Harrison Faigen/Silver Screen & Roll)

“They came ready to play. Like you said, I’m still friends with those guys. It’s good to see them doing well and playing to the ability we all know they can play.

“I thought (the video tribute) was cool. Obviously, the fans really embraced the young core while we had it. I know those guys enjoyed being here. It was cool to see…them to be on their feet and play well and play the well they’re playing.”

On the surface, it certainly seems like the whole thing was taken out of context. But it would make sense that Kuz and Lonzo would drift apart after the trade. How often do they really get to hang out anymore?

Alas, we might never know the full story.