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Tom Brady And Aaron Rodgers Join TNT Crew In Hilarious Pre-Game Moment


Two of the best football players ever made guest appearances on Sunday night.

On 'Inside the NBA' with Shaq, Charles, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson, the star quarterbacks crashed the party ahead of Sunday's crucial Game 5 between the Warriors and Mavs.

As you might expect, it made for a pretty hilarious moment:

Earlier this month, Brady's name came up in a conversation on the set, and Charles Barkley made headlines when he low-key admitted to having a mini man-crush on the NFL superstar:

Brady is considered one of the best players to ever play football and he has an equally amazing resume to support that claim. But that's not what has gotten Chuck's attention. Instead, it's the fact that Brady is very attractive, and it makes Barkley nervous to even talk around him.

So much so that many are saying that the NBA legend might have a crush on Brady. Don't believe it? This is what Barkley said about Brady in a recent episode of 'Inside The NBA' show.

"Every time I'm around [Tom Brady] when he starts talking to me and I make eye contact I don't remember nothing he say after that."

Well, it looks like Barkley's dream finally came true this week and he was finally able to ask Brady a question to his face. Despite his words, he was mostly composed throughout the segment.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good moment that made up just one part of a brilliant pre-game show from the crew. At this point, quality content is nothing new for 'Inside the NBA,' which has emerged as one of the best sports shows in the business.