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Video: Charles Barkley Shows Up To Game 3 In Dallas Riding On a Horse

Video: Charles Barkley Shows Up To Game 3 In Dallas Riding On a Horse

Inside the NBA is a show with an extremely rich broadcast history. The current cast has been on the show for the last 11 years after adding Shaquille O'Neal starting in the 2011-12 season. The Emmy award-winning show is a jewel for all basketball fans that get to see some of the legends of the sport be at their entertaining best.

The show often highlights social media activity around its cast members and the league in general. A few years ago, Ernie Johnson showed them a video of Shaq riding a horse with an attendant guiding the horses. This has been a point of discussion for years, and now Charles Barkley seems to have given us another iconic horse clip.

Coming into the American Airlines Center in Dallas for Game 3, Barkley decided to shout out the 'Cowboys' culture in the city and rocked up to the arena on a horse while wearing a cowboy hat:

Barkley has aligned himself heavily with the Mavericks, who are 2-0 down in the series coming back home. The Mavericks have been missing the mark severely, with their inconsistent shooting causing them to lose both Game 1 and Game 2 in the Chase Center. 

Chuck has gotten into verbal spats with Warriors fans and even Draymond Green, who was fulfilling his TNT host duties after the games in Golden State. This series is looking like an uphill climb for the Mavs, but they just completed a 2-0 comeback against Phoenix and will look to do the same against GSW.

Barkley has incorrectly picked every single series Dallas has been involved in, picking the Jazz and the Suns to beat them. It seems the Barkley curse could be the death of the Mavericks, but at least he gave the AAC something to remember by riding a horse into the arena.