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Trae Young Took Pics With Several NBA Stars Years Before He Started Playing Against Them

(via Ray Young/Twitter)

(via Ray Young/Twitter)

Life can be amazing sometimes. For Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, it has come full-cicle.

A series of photos are breaking the internet, featuring a young Trae with a number of different stars that he is now playing against today, including Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Kyrie Irving.


The fact that Trae was shaking hands with these dues only to torch them on the pro-court years down the line is a crazy twist.

The same guys he grew up idolizing are the same players he's battling the hardest against today. Trae has been mostly successful. Though his team has not fared well this season, he in on pace to post one of the best young individual seasons we've ever seen.

NO doubt, a lot of hard-working, training, and good advice-seeking have helped him become so dominant on the basketball court.