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Tyler Herro Wants The Heat To Run It Back Instead Of Trading For Donovan Mitchell Or Kevin Durant

Tyler Herro

Just like the Lakers, Celtics, and Warriors, the Miami Heat are not a team that is content with irrelevancy. Each and every season, they expect to contend for the title in some capacity and spend every summer working to increase their chances of success.

This year was no different, with names like Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell emerging as trade targets for the Eastern Conference powerhouse.

But if you ask young stud Tyler Herro, the Heat are better off just running it back with who they have now instead of trying to secure a deal for a big-name player.

"I would run it back. I think that's what we're doing. We brought everyone back and were one game away from the Finals. So, I would run it back."

As much as Riley wants to improve the squad, he's not one to underestimate his own guys. Even if they whiff on every available player, the Heat still have a strong roster that is capable of competing against any team in the league.

Pat Riley has that faith in his players, and it gives them the confidence and clarity to perform at their best every single night.

"It’s the faith they got in me," said Bam Adebayo on the rumors of being untouchable. "I feel like they know what they have. You get a guy who’s hard-nosed, who’s going to get it out the mud, who’s not going to quit on his teammates. It’s just mutual respect. I feel like a lot of teams want me, but it’s just a respect thing. Also, it’s Pat [Riley] believing in me, it’s Micky [Arison] believing in me, it’s Andy [Elisburg] believing in me that we can make that next step to bring this city another championship.”

Tyler Herro believes in what his squad can do, and for good reason. They made the Finals a few years ago and nearly made it again this past campaign before losing to the Celtics.

With some more time to gel, and health on their side, Miami could flip the script next year and prove they are good enough as presently constructed.