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Utah Jazz CEO Danny Ainge Reportedly Wants 7 First-Round Picks In A Donovan Mitchell Trade

Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz has already pulled off one epic deal this offseason, trading Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves for a haul that has reset the trade market. Danny Ainge was able to get five first-round picks and players for Gobert, a truly gigantic return, and has since made it more difficult for other teams trying to get value for their superstars. 

Donovan Mitchell is also reportedly on the trade market, and the New York Knicks are on the line, trying to find a way they can acquire the star guard. However, it seems Ainge is far from satiated, any hopes of him settling for a smaller deal after the Gobert haul seem misplaced. A reported package Utah suggested contained six first-round picks and a lot of the Knicks' young core, and the latest update from Marc Stein says the actual price is even higher. 

"Utah Jazz executive, Danny Ainge, wants 7 first-round picks for Donovan Mitchell."

The Knicks have eight tradeable first-round picks at their disposal, a few acquired from other teams in previous trades. However, seven picks is an enormous price, something that would worsen the situation in the market after the Gobert trade. 

Ainge has been known to make deals that are very favorable to his teams, and he was responsible for rebuilding the Celtics into the team that they are today, thanks to an amazing deal with the Nets. So it wouldn't really be surprising if he managed to pull this off as well. 

One way or another, there can be a serious debate about whether Mitchell is worth these many picks, and there's no real answer to that. All that remains is to wait and see if the team will take the leap or will this reported price drive them to drop the idea of acquiring the Jazz star.